vastu problem

*Vastu Problem (वास्तु दोष)*

यदि आपके घर में फैक्ट्री या आॅफिस में Vastu Problem (वास्तु दोष) है तो उस से कई समस्याएं पैदा होती है जैसे:- पैसे में बरकत ना होना, स्वास्थय ठीक (स्वस्थ) ना रहना घर परिवार में तनाव (लडाई झगड़ा) रहना ओर भी कई प्रकार की समस्याओं के समाधान के लिए संपर्क करें :- *पण्डित अशोक शास्त्री जी* *M :- +91 987 891 9523*

Effects of northeast defects

  1. family dispute 2. Business dispute 3. Divorce case 4. Children behavior . 5. Frequent surgery 6. Accidents  7 . too much expenditure 8. Uncurable diseases 9. Blockage of funds 10 . legal disputes

effects of south east defects

  1. fear of theft 2. Fear of fire 3. Bad health 4. No good ceremony in the house 5. Bad relation between husband and wife 6. No piece of mind for ladies.

Effects of north west defects

  1. enmity 2. Legal problems 3. Legal problems from govt. 4. Friends and relatives go away .

 in addition to above four cardinal corner defects , following defects are also viewed as serious defects

  1. bedroom below the kitchen  2. House facing the t junctions 3. Obstruction in front of main gate 4. Cooking west direction . 5. Cooking stove and water sink in the same row and level 6. Hanging beam on the ceiling